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Does your TV require service? Giddens Services Ltd specializes in television repair! Our staff services plasma TVs, LCD TVs, LED TVs, projectors and even older style televisions. We also have years of experience working with a wide variety of other home electronics. Count on us for high-quality home electronics repair and servicing in Kamloops and surrounding areas.

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Common TV Problems

It can be extremely frustrating when you miss out on your favourite show on TV due to a technical malfunction. The following are a few common problems with LED television sets faced by customers. They are:

Screen black-out: Screen black-out generally occurs due to issues in the power supply unit inside an LED television. Most of the time, this is considered a minor issue. Technicians can identify this by spotting a leaking capacitor and repair it in a relatively short period of time. 

Blurred lines: Horizontal or vertical lines appearing in the display of your television set might occur due to low signal. In such scenarios, check whether the set-top box is properly connected to the source.

Audio issues: If the internal speakers in your television are damaged, you might experience audio issues. Get professional help from technicians to fix this problem. 

If you are facing any of these issues, get in touch with us for professional home electronic repair services. We provide quick and efficient services for our customers in Kamloops.

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Do you need your home electronics repaired in Kamloops? We’d love to help. Just fill out the e-form with as much information as possible. One of our technicians will respond within 24 hours to arrange an appointment. Thank you and we look forward to serving you!

We also service major appliances.

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