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Gidden and sons exterior view

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Learn about our history before being the leading major appliance service in Kamloops and surrounding areas. Our story starts with Henry J. Giddens, the visionary.

1914 - Henry J. Giddens, a plumber by trade, opens his business at 341 Seymour St. after emigrating from England in 1912. H. Giddens & Sons was primarily a plumbing and heating company, dealing also in insulating, roofing materials and sheet metal. His wife and three children lived above the shop.

1934 - Henry passes on after falling ill at their cabin on Paul Lake. The company is now in the hands of son Joe and daughter Elsie, whose husband Stan Humphrey joins the company. Youngest son Dennis began working at the store in 1937.

1944 - Giddens Electric was formed with one department for appliance services and another for electrical contracting. They consolidated in the 1960s to form H. Giddens Ltd. The store was located between Kamloops Daily News and the old Post Office. They sold new products, large and small appliances and were one of the first dealers of televisions in Kamloops.


1971 - H. Giddens Ltd. closes its doors and Giddens Services Ltd was formed with Dennis Giddens, Don Graham, and Fred Chapman moving from the old store to the Valleyview area, becoming strictly a service company, which it has continued on as it is today. Don and Fred left the company in the late '70s.

1987 - Dennis Giddens retires and three of his sons, Brian, John and David, take over the reins.

Mr. Giddens
Employees outside Giddens office

The company continues today providing quality service to home electronics and major appliances. Our excellent staff is committed to continuing the service standards that we have all come to expect in our ever-changing world.

We pride ourselves on quality workmanship, and stand behind the services we provide, just as Henry J. did in 1914.

A message from the premier

Need Appliance Repairs?

You can get in touch with any of our staff about any specific problem that you have and we will help you with appliance and home electronic repairs.

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